Original firmware:

E71-1 rm346_500.21.009 Singapore grey

Custom files:


Copyright :

xuefeixyg from imobile.com and e71er.wordpress.com

Custom content:

1  Allow software installation ‘all’ and turn off the online certificate check in the app. manager setting.

2  Turn off the allow anon. msgs and receive adverts in the multimedia msg setting.

3  Be able to take pictures silent in silent mode.

4  The Chinese language is default, and no need to select in the first starting.

5   Remove the cache  to increase the C drive space 5M, need to further confirm.

6   Crack java permissions, remove the tips of some java program.

7  Integrated modo File Manager (20 rights).

8  Integrated SymSMB.v4.00 which is very useful and not upgraded now. Forget your cable from now.

9  Remove the Help icon, documents and  folder.

10 Remove the two videos.

11  Installserver.exe in the C disk, Sign for all after flash the firmware.

12  Installserver.exe in the Z disk, just copy z:\Nokia\installserver.exe  to c:\sys\bin, so Sign for all again.

13  Remove the SIM card information in the start interface. transfer the SIM Appl. in the communication folder.

14  Remove native facebook, Ovi store, myspace, etc. And C disk left 118M.

15  Delete chat room, welcome, voice mail, music store, mynokia, on, tutorial.

16  Remove Abode reader which is a little tasteless and useless.Cause E71 screen is too small for PDF.

17  Update switch on and off  interface and the boot animation with  white S60,replace  Nokia Shaking hands.

18  Remove the bluetooth limit, can send sis, sisx, etc,  using  E71 own file manager.

19  Heap value distribution, to speed up the  phone.

20  Built-browser support  HTTP. Continue download with break.

21   Integrated  Rompatcher 2.3 with 3 rmp patches.

22  Integrated Screenshot.

23  The default network is gsm.

24  Bluetooth name is the default ‘E71’.

25  Removal of the three  flash.

26  Remove the Malaysia and Indonesia language pack, leaving the English and Chinese.

27  The music player scanning path is E:\MUSIC .

28  Restrict on a picture, video scan path, Not scan the small pictures and the other useless.

Any feedback, please leave your comments,many thanks.


http://u.115.com/file/t49f9e06d3 (this link is unavailable now, if  you find some better network space please give me a comment)




——–500.21.009 xuefeixyg v1.20beta———
MD5: 6D1C27969113ED65E20194DD3A58AD4A
SHA1: B5806CB4DDBF408177040285A2D2F6C806DA73D6
CRC32: BBA7732B

MD5: 45C992F5CA03553C9D1650DB12209F10
SHA1: 2AA33580A698D4096E9C7E3148AFFA314449334D
CRC32: F8284F60